Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sweeble - coming soon for iOS and Android

THE Sweeble
THE story-telling, story-sharing app

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Please include me!

"Yep - I can see it. There's definitely a Sweeble over there..."

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sweeble, sweebleapp, bubblews and me

(Things have moved on since I put up the post below. There's more on my blog whatworkedwhatdidnt.com. From now on this site will concentrate on plans for Sweeble mark 3*)

People are talking about me. More accurately, there is web chatter. And emails.
This is me responding.
I own sweeble. As in the .com and other domains; the UK Ltd business; the UK Trade Mark and (the bit that really matters to me) its previous incarnations as user-generated content publishing*.
I'm not linked to bubblews or Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari, although I think they may have been behind a recent bid to buy my domains (them or this horse).
And I'm nothing to do with sweebleapp - although I understand why Dixit and Zuccari would want to try use the name sweeble: it's a great name - took me a whole jug of pina colada to come up with it back in 2006.
But right now I'm ok that a chestnut filly carries the name - not so sure about anyone else.

Weirdly enough I'd been thinking for a while now about relaunching sweeble and taking it back to its roots because, you know, the web world's turned since I first started this whole sweeble thing ... Sue

*My first sweeble was an open access site for people to write and share their own news and features - tagline "Your news, not theirs".  I kept the brand and name for the mark two version of sweeble - a web to print self-publishing platform (tagline "Simply brilliant") - again with the goal of helping people tell their own stories. When all this sweebleapp kerfuffle shakes out, I'll blog about it here