Friday, 18 September 2015

Sweeble and Lasting Lives

Lasting Lives is a charitable project linking volunteer journalists and writers with individuals - often people at the end of their life - to help them tell and publish the story of their life.

Sweeble is the publishing software that will be used to take those stories from digital to print.

Right now we're in pilot - or beta if you prefer. Read more about what we're doing and the people we're working with.

If you're interested in finding out more - email me.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sweeble - coming soon

THE Sweeble
THE story-telling, story-sharing platform

Get sneak peaks and early, invite-only access by clicking on the link below to include your email.

Please include me!

"Yep - I can see it. There's definitely a Sweeble over there..."

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sweeble, sweebleapp, bubblews and me

(Things have moved on since I put up the post below. There's more on my blog From now on this site will concentrate on plans for Sweeble mark 3*)

People are talking about me. More accurately, there is web chatter. And emails.
This is me responding.
I own sweeble. As in the .com and other domains; the UK Ltd business; the UK Trade Mark and (the bit that really matters to me) its previous incarnations as user-generated content publishing*.
I'm not linked to bubblews or Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari, although I think they may have been behind a recent bid to buy my domains (them or this horse).
And I'm nothing to do with sweebleapp - although I understand why Dixit and Zuccari would want to try use the name sweeble: it's a great name - took me a whole jug of pina colada to come up with it back in 2006.
But right now I'm ok that a chestnut filly carries the name - not so sure about anyone else.

Weirdly enough I'd been thinking for a while now about relaunching sweeble and taking it back to its roots because, you know, the web world's turned since I first started this whole sweeble thing ... Sue

*My first sweeble was an open access site for people to write and share their own news and features - tagline "Your news, not theirs".  I kept the brand and name for the mark two version of sweeble - a web to print self-publishing platform (tagline "Simply brilliant") - again with the goal of helping people tell their own stories. When all this sweebleapp kerfuffle shakes out, I'll blog about it here